Welcome to Financial Crimes Consulting

Financial Crimes Consulting is a specialist risk consulting and financial crime prevention software provider established by subject matter experts in the financial crimes risk and compliance sector.

Our consultants have proven track records in designing, building and implementing financial crime related programs, such as anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CFT) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).  We offer risk advisory consulting and software solutions in these disciplines, as well as, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud prevention, sanctions and general risk management.

Our staff have been responsible for the successful delivery of large scale transformational risk and compliance programs at major investment and retail banks in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Australia.

We have a passion for financial crime prevention and have developed a number of world-class risk and compliance solutions, which compliment our consulting practice. We continue to partner with financial crime subject matter experts and technologists from all over the world to expand our capabilities.

We truly understand the issues that organisations face trying to balance business growth objectives whilst operating in an increasingly regulated global market – if you would like to discuss how we can assist you then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Products

We are financial crime experts who love partnering with the best IT technologists to develop world-class solutions for our clients and business partners.

We have developed the following product offerings – see Our Products for more information.

We are also have a couple of exciting new products in development:

  • AML/CFT Healthcheck – coming soon (Q1 2015)
  • Anti-Bribery Healthcheck - coming soon (Q1 2015)

Our Services

We also offer the following services - see Our Services for more information.

  • Consulting - we specialise in risk advisory (including financial crime risk) and program/project management
  • Face-to-Face Training – let us train your Board, Executives and Staff on the key financial crime obligations
  • Compliance Templates – help to accelerate your compliance AML, ABC or Fraud Program
  • Daily Digests – our series of five free financial crime papers gives you access to the latest developments
  • Advertising – if you have a product, service or conference to promote why not give us a try?
  • Editorial – we can provide subject matter content to your financial crime risk publications


Why Financial Crimes Consulting?

  • We are passionate about financial crime prevention
  • We are recognised as thought-leaders in our field
  • We have practical hands-on experience
  • We have been in the trenches and understand compliance complexities
  • We have developed a suite of world-class software solutions
  • We go the extra mile for our clients and business partners


A message from our CEO

Thank you for visiting our website.  Over the last few years we have been working hard to bring together financial crime subject matter experts and the best IT technologists to develop a suite of financial crime prevention software solutions.  Our subject matter experts developed the world’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) risk assessment tools to assist organisations of all sizes, across a range of industry sectors and geographies to better identify, assess, mitigate and manage financial crime risk.

More recently we have been developing AML/CFT and Anti-Bribery Healthcheck solutions for performing compliance assurance monitoring against the obligations and allowing issues, risks and actions to be tracked real-time via dashboard reports.  If you would like a free no obligation trial to any of our products or would like to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mr. Anthony Quinn